8 Brocades – Baduanjin

Fujian University of Traditional Chinese Medicine did a study on the effects of a 12-week Baduanjin exercise training and concluded that regular Baduanjin exercise had an advantage on improvement of lower limb proprioception, enhance of cardiorespiratory endurance, flexibility, explosive force of lower limb and attention, compared with usual exercise.


1. Pressing Up to the Heavens with Two Hands
2. Drawing the Bow and Letting the Arrow Fly
3. Separating Heaven and Earth
4. Wise Owl Gazes Backward
5. Big Bear Turns from Side to Side
6. Punching with an Angry Gaze
7. Touching the Toes then Bending Backward
8. Shaking the Body

Source: http://www.egreenway.com/taichichuan/esb.htm


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