TCKFA Exam 2016

After a year of hard work, it was our exam day today….

We were eager to demonstrate what we have learnt so far but we were also anxious as we did not want to disappoint our Shifu Maxime. We started our session with our usual warm up of stretching, cardio, series of planking, intense push ups and sit ups. Then we revised our forms for the last time to perfect each and every move combining grace and fluidity with intensity and power.

We were required to perform 4 different forms. The room turned quiet as each of us took our turns to demonstrate:

Wu bu quan (Form number 1)
Xin Yi Liu He (Form number 2)
Taolu de Base (Form number 3)
Baji quan xiao jia (Form number 4)

Each of us were concentrated on the person being graded, quietly cheering him/her on. Our shifu Maxime’s keen eye followed every move we made. Then he pointed out areas and details on which we could improve along with words of encouragement. Overall, it was a great learning experience for everyone and we had a sense of progress and achievement for 2016!

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