Principles of BajiQuan

Here’s a summary of the features of BajiQuan, the style that is being taught by our Shifu, Maxime.

Bajiquan Pose

1. This above stance allows a perfect equilibrium of the body and favours various essential components of the training : rooting, reinforcement of the lower limbs, circulation of internal energy in the principal meridians of the body and its accumulation in the Dan Tian point.

2. BajiQuan is a style famous for its powerful strikes, which make use of “explosive power”.

3. “Explosive power” can be achieved through the acquisition of basic techniques (i.e. JiBenGong) and the combination of techniques in sequences.

4. BajiQuan makes use of various internal exercises in order to improve the control of Qi. These exercises can be used either for martial applications (generation of the Explosive Power) or for therapeutic purposes.

5. BajiQuan is a close range fighting style.

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Here is a short video on the application of BajiQuan.

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