Chin Na Workshops

There will be an upcoming workshop on Chin Na (aka Qin na)- grappling and holds – focusing on self defense Chin Na techniques.

There are two workshops coming up on Chin Na this month:

• Saturday, 16 Aug (14h00-17h00):
Self-défense chinois “Qin na” (cost 50 CHF)

• Sunday, 24 Aug (10h-12h30, 14h-16h00):
Self-défense chinois “Qin na” (cost 75 CHF)

The workshops will be conducted by visiting master Zhang Junjun, who is a wushu champion in China and instructor of Chin Na at the police academy of the province of Fuzhou. Both workshops will be held in Lausanne (Lausanne Wushu Institut, Rue du Grand-Pre 4).

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